April 6, 2012

Friends On Fire

The Letter F Chapter 6: Friends On Fire

 "Presenting ourselves not as adversaries but as friends has distinguished us as much as the fiery costumes."

In their flashy costumes, Katniss and Peetas Fiery Debut was spectacular. They're told to hold hands and smile a lot in the chariot of fools  champions. Haymitch says it's the perfect touch of rebellion. They both agree to play starcrossed lovers for the camera although Peeta is serious about being in love with her, it infuriates Katniss because she doesn't love him :( Tributes are assigned their own quarters in the tower of the Training Center. Every district gets a floor to themselves, it was no small surprise that Katniss's room was larger than her entire house.

In the more modern future perhaps we will be able to change the view out of our windows. The shower in her bedroom had a lot of buttons you could press, and if you got hungry there was a button for that as well. She could dress to whatever she felt like wearing fit for her at her fingertips. They are lavished with rich food from Cinna's lunch to Katniss eating goose liver and puffy bread.

Even though I don't particularly like lamb or duck or squirrels, the Everdeen's were having Fish Stew for the Reaping. How it must seem like a fairytale even though she feels nothing but disdain for the Capitol!

For dinner they eat a flaming cake and some kind of mushroom soup with bitter greens and tomato size peas, rare roast beef sliced thin, noodles in green sauce, and cheese that melts on your tongue served with sweet blue grapes.


  1. I haven't read Hunger Games your posts are tempting me! Great post!

    1. It's a great book and I loved the movie as well. Thanks for stopping by!


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