March 29, 2011

An Embarrassing, Foot-in-Mouth Moment

Describe your most embarrassing foot-in-mouth moment.
I went to a french school in Algiers, Bois de Boulogne . I started grade 1 there. I didn't speak french but I picked it up quickly. My teacher, Madame Bauxnier (sp?), felt like she needed to ask my sister and I if we were twins. Of course she asked in french :
"Etes vous jumelle?"
I didn't know what that was , and I never bothered to ask . Why would people think we were twins anyway? I don't look anything like my sister , and we aren't twins .
I responded : "Non, nous sommes Canadiennes" .
In my mind it was an answer that I was proud of and made sure everyone knew it too . Everyone in class started laughing . I felt like a smart-ass .

UPDATE: If you don't know what the french translates to please see comments for the english translation . Thank you

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  1. What does the French translate to?

  2. the teacher said : "Are you twins?"
    I said :"No were canadian " :P


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