March 2, 2011

Ultrasounds and the Unborn

For me, getting an Ultrasound was just a painless and safe way to get a 'free' picture of your unborn baby. Well , other than having a full bladder , which was pretty brutal :p
Here is an ultrasound of my unborn baby , Bailey .

Obstetric Ultrasound started in Glasgow at the University Department of Midwifery under Professor Ian Donald about 55 years ago. A rather crazy experiment at that time.
Suffice it to say it's come a long way since the first diasonograph in 1963

Ultrasound has quickly become the single most important diagnostic investigation in the field of Obstetrics and the healthcare for women.
You can find out more of the history of the ultrasound here. Here is also a comprehensive guide to Obstetric ultrasound

See what some people have done to their Ultrasound pictures!
Seasons Greetings

The Singing Fetus . A Karaoke Party Invitation

The waving fetus.

I like this one . Make Ultrasound Keepsakes by combining ultrasound images with selected backgrounds and messages :)

Who can forget this adorable, loveable political pro-lifer , Umbert, the Unborn - a pre-natal comic strip character .
check it out
Before I even knew that 'catholic' meant being pro-life , I had an abortion . The name of the unborn child would have been Spencer and it was after having my second child. Circumstances surrounding my abortion had a lot to do with making my decision at that time and I obviously wasn't practicing my faith . I wasn't even aware of it being a no-no so to speak. If I had known what I know now ? I would have never had one.
I had left my abusive husband , and was staying at a shelter for women in Vancouver . I also came down with a severe flu and cold and sore throat , and my 11 month old was suffering from it as well . It was there that I found out I was pregnant for the 3rd time. The counsellors and social workers at the shelter told me the only way to get rid of the bad cold I  had,  was to have an abortion :/  Dumb eh? well needless to say it was so desireable. I just wanted to feel better. Looking back , it seemed like a totally diabolical scheme and it's possible the people who were suppose to be helpful were being used by satan .

Anyway, there is a book I would like to mention.  It's called Angel in the Waters. 

Protect the Unborn .  Don't let them be a target of abortion . Listen to Rebecca Kiesling tell her story. Listen to this video  "Mama, I want to live"

Jenny Matlock
In case U are wondering, this has been a letter 'U' edition of Alphabe Thursday.


  1. I'm sorry that you had to go through that experience! I am glad that you got away from your abuser, however. Thank you for sharing your cannot be an easy thing to relive!! Bless you!! (I'm also glad you found your way back to your faith!!) :)

  2. very cute.I wish we had 1 of our own.But because that's not possible I can only dream of it. I work so much that we don't even have time to make little LOVE YOU MY ANGEL and that will never change,keep blogging.

  3. Really thought provoking post. Many thanks for sharing yours!

  4. God Bless you and the work God is using you for through what you have been through. Your Bailey is beautiful!!

    We are going to be grandparents for the first time and I can NOT wait to get that first picture!!!!!

    WONDERFUL WONDERFUL post today thanks

  5. What a tough time! By sharing this there will be others that read it that struggled to and will see they aren't alone.

  6. thanks for sharing what must have been a difficult post to write!

  7. Thank you for sharing . God Bless

  8. Powerful story.....

    Peace to you....



  9. Your experiences may be helpful for those also going through similar situations of what you went through. Only by the grace, love and mercy of Jesus Christ are we able to come through challenges such as these.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    What an amazing song and video.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless you for the way that you are evangelizing using your gift of writing. I run a pro life group for young people at my school. I read Angel in the Waters to them. It's a great book!

  11. Jackie, what a horrible life experience for you to go through.

    It sounds like you are really a woman of courage and determination...I admire you.

    Thanks for your bravery in telling this story.

    Have the seen the 3D ultrasound images? They are kind of eerie.


  12. Hi Jenny , no I haven't. Abortions are horrible and so is being a victim of sex crimes, but two wrongs don't make it right .
    I would take having a baby over being a victim of rape anyday . The problem is when woman choose to abort their baby

  13. How brutally difficult! How brave to share with us!


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