March 27, 2011

On sneezing

This is a plinky prompt and the question is
'Why do we still say "bless you" when someone sneezes?
Do you say it? For every sneeze?'
"gesundheit" is German for "health".

I don't know why we say "bless you" after someone sneezes. I still say it. I guess it's just something I heard my mother say to us as kids . I always thought sneezing was just an excuse to bless someone . Although you never have to wait for someone to sneeze to bless them .

Anyway, after doing some investigating, cause I had heard there was a good reason, and sure enough, according to it involves the belief that a human's soul might escape through a sneeze and saying "God bless you" wards off Satan while the soul is vulnerable .

How silly ! I don't believe sneezing is a bad thing . I think it's a good body function and a healthy reaction. Our body serves us well. Again, I'm not exactly sure what happens when we sneeze but I assume it opens up the airways in our nostrils to get more oxygen or whatever into our brains lol irdk , but I do love to sneeze. It is like having an orgasm in my brain :p

When someone blesses me it's like the icing on the cake .
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  1. Another explanation is that sneezing was an early symptom of plague.

  2. Hence the plague nursery rhyme:

    Ring a ring a roses,
    a pocket full of posies.
    Atishoo, atishoo,
    we all fall down.


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