March 27, 2011

Thumb Tacks In My Mouth

I just posted a new answer on Plinky. The question is : What childhood lesson has always stuck with you?

Three girls having tea party
Never use thumb tacks for playing food. I was about 4 years old and my sister and I were playing downstairs in the utility room having a tea party with our cute little tea set that came in a chest hutch . We didn't have real food , only thumb tacks and nails and such . I stuck a thumb tack in my mouth pretending to swallow it, but my sister who is a year and a half older than me, told my mother , who then immediately rushed me to the X-ray lab. I never felt a thing and I don't recall dying , only being carried upside down by my mother . I don't think they found anything because I never actually swallowed it.

However, the thing was I got really scared into believing I swallowed a tack , all because my sister said she saw blood lol. I thought I was tricking her but she tricked me instead.


  1. Well now, Jackie- I just flew straight over to reassure you that you could not possibly say anything wrong, and certainly not where the rabbits were concerned. But here I discover that the anecdote I was going to recount actually fits your post perfectly! Never get fond of anything you might have to eat in an emergency- my Dad!

  2. It all worked out and no thumb tack!


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