March 20, 2011

An Unlikely Delicacy

When I was in junior high my friend and I use to skip school. One day we went to her house and she told me she was hungry for a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich. I had never heard such a thing and that someone could actually eat that . It was actually pretty tasty and I liked the crunchy pickle but I never ate it again .


  1. I love dill pickles and I love peanut butter...but combine the two? Hmmm I guess I should try that

  2. It sounds worse than it tastes , I think, but from what I can remember it actually tastes like peanut butter and dill pickle lol and my friend ate them all the time ...try it and let me know. I'm scared to now :/

  3. it does sound rather funky haha. funny the things we remember from our childhood isnt it


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