March 25, 2011

Spring into shape

I just posted a new answer on Plinky. The question is :What's on your spring to-do list?
Lose weight now
Time looks forward to spring , but at its own pace . My boyfriend and I are waiting to start a colon cleanse in April . It's something on our to-do list . I ordered two bottles of this stuff.

I also want to dye my hair and perhaps get it trimmed . I don't like going to the hairdressers very often , because they don't seem to know how to cut it properly :/ no offense .

Other than that , probably sprout some more beans or something else like wheat grass . It would be nice to be able to grow my own wheatgrass but those sprouters can be expensive and I have no idea how to do it otherwise. I need a good blender and dehydrator first of all .

I plan on losing some more weight but it's taking too freakin long at the rate I'm going , sheesh

So in answer to your question "Has spring sprung where you live?" NO ! ITS STILL WINTER and I have plenty of time to get in shape , thank God!

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