March 15, 2011

We♥Wednesday - Nut Butter

It's We♥Wednesday and today I am talking about Nut Butter . I♥Nut Butter!
The rawseed is having a giveaway! You can enter your chance to win a yummy , creamy, delicately raw, nut butter manufactured by Wilderness Poets.
Meredith Frantz aka padmapani, is an awesome raw chef who makes cool videos and yummy recipes along with her husband Dustin aka H.H little sky, who is a very fine artist and tattoo artist . All's you have to do is write a simple poem about these butters to enter. Giveaway closes March 24th so if you want to try them head on over there.

Here is my entry :
can be found on 

This is a nut butter
that I am dying to taste
one made with macadamia
Imagine creamy smoothe paste

Please accept my entry
Here's hoping I win
thank you for the opportunity
before I go out and buy it from them :)
© by Jackie Briere

1 comment :

  1. Jackie,
    I'm with you! I LOVE nut butters and these sound delicious!

    Liked the poem, too :) Good luck!


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