March 7, 2011

A Green Smoothie Recipe

"The Exitus Elixir"
from Jane @ Blend It And Mend It

The greens from one bunch of beets
4 cups grapes
1 TBS ground flax seed
2 c. ice or 2 c. water

Blend 45 seconds in a Vita-Mix® blender, you're done. Mmm, tastes like a rich, sweet, kiwi icee.  Too green? Add fruit. Too sweet? Add greens. No high-speed blender? Work with what you have. You may have to cut the recipe in half to get it to blend in a regular blender. That's okay, adjust the ingredients and do what you can to get started.
Makes 5 cups with a mere 99 alimentary-canal-cleaning-and-purifying calories per 1 cup serving.

"The Exitus Elixir" helps prevent digestive tract syndromes and diseases by promoting healthy intestinal bacteria and encouraging regularity. It creates an overall sense of well-being and relief.Beet greens are rich in vitamins, minerals and carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lutein. Ground flax seed is wealthy with Omega-3's and fiber. "Put 'em together and what do you get? My colon is definitely not killing me yet!"
Not all green smoothies are green, but all green smoothies have greens in them. Beet greens contain powerful nutrient compounds that can help protect against colon cancer.

Pummeled, churned and squeezed.

By the time everything we eat hits the colon, it is a liquid, having been pummeled, churned, squeezed, and acid rained on by the stomach, large and small intestines, and rectum. The job of the colon is to extract the water from said liquid, absorb it back into your bloodstream, and send the solid waste OUT.
You no more want to keep that solid waste in than you want to have your body re-absorbing polluted water from your colon.
The result of eating, digesting and re-absorbing waterless foods - compounded over the years by the various stresses we all undergo -  can be Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's Disease, inflammation, diarrhea, constipation, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, polyps, pouches, sacs, infection, fatigue, distended abdomen, strictures, rectal bleeding, etc., all of which eventually lead to the above referenced 500,000 surgeries and for some, the big C.
I don't know what you're eating now and I'm not telling you to stop eating it. I am suggesting that you add waterful foods to your daily life. You will be high-stepping it around your house when you do.
Anti- aging's BFF
"The Exitus Elixir"
My anti-aging elixirs and green smoothies are the easiest, simplest, tastiest, least expensive, life affirming, colon respecting food with which you can create an inner environment for yourself that supports and encourages healthy elimination, anti-aging's best friend forever.
There are no instant fixes, there are no guarantees, but there is this: start somewhere, do something.

Jane is the creator of this recipe and is the author and publisher of her website @ Blend It And Mend It .com . She shares her love and passion for health by making wonderful and healthy anti-aging green smoothie elixirs and recipes . 

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