March 16, 2011

Water Wave & Whirlpools

The land of the rising sun
Here are some descriptive words for water that begin with the letter W: wet, wild, wavy, woosh, notice Tsunami is not one of them and it isn't what we mean when we want water except this is what happened on March 11th , 2011 after the earthquake in Japan:
whirlpool seen near Oarai City, north eastern Japan
Hokusai’s The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa
UPDATE: Here are some more pictures of the devastating Tsunami
Well, we know Jen @ hamster central who lives in Tokyo , is safe , Angela Liddon from Ohsheglows is having a fundraiser of her own . To everyone who donates $5 to the Japan disaster relief you will be entered in her giveaway . People have been very supportive and it's truly astounding that she overceded her initial goal of $1,000 and has quintupled (is that a word?) it .Wow ! as I type this it is actually 6 (going on close to 7 times more @ $6704.00 ) than what she had expected! Angelas giveaway ends tonight but I hope you don't miss this opportunity to "catch the WAVE" if you will :p pardon me but it does sound pretty witty . However, the big wave off the coast of Sendai Japan, caused lots of damage this past week with the threat of a nuclear meltdown.

In Canada we are still walking in Wintery Weather conditions with the possible chance of snow again this weekend. Yes, even when we set our clocks ahead it never ends . Wah wah wah. So without further ado here is my tribute to winter

Jenny Matlock


  1. I was so relieved to read Hamster Central's post.

  2. What a terrific post. I am so glad she has been able to collect those funds to help.

  3. fundamental and helpful activity..
    Jen is safe, hurray...

    what an informative post.

  4. I know my Work takes up alot of my time but always remember I Wuv you

  5. Didn't know that whirlpool can develop so close to shore. Wonder how they are formed, and what is their life-span.
    Must read up on the Bermuda Triangle, which I guess, must be a dinosaur-sized whirlpool.

  6. I love the picture of the great wave. Makes you think that they can survive this, another one.

  7. Such an informative post - thanks.

    XOXO Lola;)

  8. Yes it's awful what happened to Japan. What a disaster ! how little we are against nature !

  9. Jackie, thank you for the information you shared here.

    I will visit the blog you's wonderful how so many bloggers are spreading the word and trying to help.

    What a sad time for so many...I'm glad we can counteract the pain with joy.

    Thanks for linking this week.



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