March 9, 2011

W♥W: Foxes have holes

It's we♥wednesday ! click on the above image if you'd like to participate . The aim of the game is to describe something you love using pictures from . I chose the fennec fox.

We almost had a chance of getting one when we lived in Algiers. My dad worked on the rigs in Hassi Messaoud, the Sahara Desert, and he said they were giving away desert foxes for free and because they looked so cute , he wanted to bring one home with him but my mom was against it and we never got one :( . She'd heard their pee smelled something fierce . I can imagine, but still; they would have been an awesome pet. They have the biggest ears and an acute sense of hearing. I don't know how smart they are , since they probably do pee everywhere *sigh Oh well, they are still incredible animals.


  1. oh those animals are so cute and precious arent they. I want one!

  2. What adorable little animals!! I'm going to check out this meme! Thanks for stopping by my blog last week during Alphabe-Thursday!! :)

  3. Thanks for visiting! And I love these foxes. They are so cute. xox Angie


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