March 20, 2011

Pray for Japan

In 1997, June 23, Jesus gave to Vassula the following prayer for Japan

1997, June 23

in Your faithful love,
turn towards Japan,
in Your immense tenderness,
be quick in Your mercy;
listen to the poor and the wretched;
by Your saving power,
raise Japan to glorify You;

O most tender Father,
teach them from childhood
Your Laws so that they
may proclaim Your marvels and
hymn to you an unceasing Hymn;

let this nation become
a hymn to the Hymn,
an irresistible perfume of incense;

I pray to You,
O Lord and entreat You,
that by Your Word You may
come to this nation, amen

Here's the PDF version but scroll down almost until the end
to the June 23,1997 TLIG message to Vassula.

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