February 4, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday and the letter 'C'

Good mornin, it is time for another edition of Alphabe-Thursday brought to you by the letter 'C' and the lovely Jenny Matlock.

Jenny Matlock

C is for Calgary where I live

...Canada , of which I am proud

...Catholic Church , in which I have not gone in awhile

...Cross, Crucifix , my salvation

Christ, my savior

Camel. At the zoo . I got to feed'em Carrots too . 

Couscous and Chick Peas, grew up on that stuff and I absolutely love it !

Constant Cravings for Cigarettes

...and Chocolate

Oh and I forgot C is for Chocolate Computers too

The Cold and Chilly weather makes me wish I was on  a Cruise

My username on myspace for awhile was Cqueen then Chibasillissa , then Chi for short

Last but not least we love.. that furry blue monster....
'C' is for .... Cookie!


  1. Love your "C's" and your new look, too!

  2. Wow, many C's. I think they are all COOL

  3. What a great collection of "C's".
    If you get the chance pop over to Normandy to see my Kodak Camera which was made in Canada!

  4. Love this blogskin. It is so textural and interesting.

    Before I even read your post you got an A+ for calling me lovely....waaayyyy better then bringing the teacher an apple!

    But now you get a gold star, too, for sharing such a neat collection of C's on this post. You are awfully brave to have that camels teeth so close to your hand! Yikes!

  5. Those were great C words. I was all set to do C is for Cookies with the cookie monster but then I changed my mind LOL.

  6. A wonderful C post! Thanks for sharing! Pop on over and visit me when you have a chance.
    And be sure to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!
    Happy Alphabet Day!
    C is for Coralie

  7. Thanks for sharing your C words with us.

  8. Great post for the letter C. Cookie Monster is my favorite (I think we are twins separated at birth) Ever since I started this meme, I can't stop thinking about Sesame Street! Kathy

  9. Fun photos for the Lesson C. Great job!

  10. great c list - love cookie monster :D

  11. loved your take on C! mmmmm, chocolate!!!!

  12. A great C post for Alphabe-Thursday!

  13. Interesting C post! Love Cookie Monster!

  14. I love your C words. Go Chocolate!

  15. Yay! C is for Cookie, I'm not the only one who had that thought! I don't feel so crazy now.

  16. chocolate computer - something to think about

    thanks for your visit


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