February 16, 2010

My Beautiful Blogger Award

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Today I received my first award! I can't believe it. Robin is truly a beautiful blogger and she nominated me for this award :) It means a lot to me so thank you Robin!

Rules for this Award:
Thank the person who kindly passes this to you, and link your award back to them!

List 7 things about yourself

Pass it on to 15 Beautiful Bloggers!

So here are 7 things about me:
1. I was born in Tunisia.
2. My tubes are tied.
3. I only iron my clothes if I have to, which is never. I definitely do not iron my sheets or towels
4  Couscous is one of my favourite food and lunch is my favourite meal.
5. I used to wear a lot of makeup . 
6. I was involved with Excel, and Amway and never made a dime .
7. I am scared of driving in the mountains and I prefer beaches to mountains .

because it's hard to just describe 7 things about me I took the liberty of using some of those questions that are commonly asked in those online 'getting to know' quizzes , which I randomly got off of another blog

I think it's going to be hard for me to find 15 blogs to nominate. I would nominate Robin@robinsgothealth too if I could. I don't know many people and vice versa; not many people leave me comments . I know there are some real beautiful blogs out there but they don't know me and that would just be wierd to be nominated by some random blogger wouldn't it? At least I hope these ones have heard of me . Some of them don't follow my blog , and I don't know their real names but I follow them :) Ya this didn't work well for me , sorry . 

http://ponderinghisgoodness.blogspot.com/- Julia
http://jennymatlock.blogspot.com/- Jenny Matlock
http://www.2bakerhouse.blogspot.com/ - Rock my world
http://noheavylifting.blogspot.com/ - Dawn Farias
http://sanctuschristopher.blogspot.com/ - Chris
http://5thsister.blogspot.com/ - Polly
http://adorigraphics.blogspot.com/ - Louise
http://bit-of-blarney.blogspot.com/- Cathy
http://www.ratherbeblogging.com/- I'd rather be blogging
http://lotsofprettythings.blogspot.com/- Isabella
http://timeforreflections.blogspot.com/- Victor S.E. Moubarak
http://authorette-nouveau.blogspot.com/ - Jenna
http://tammyjoscreations.blogspot.com/- TammyJo

UPDATE: Just for the benefit of those who may not know how to add their award to their blog accordingly .

To get this image you need to copy the code underneath the image and paste it into a post, or,  if you want it on your sidebar , you will need to open bloggers javascript/html gadget . Just under the layout tab, click the "Add a Gadget" link , ...then look for the javascript/html option and paste the code in there and click save .

Beautiful Blogger


  1. Thank you Jackie for nominating me as being a Beautiful Blogger. (Thinks ...). Is it me or my Blog that's supposed to be beautiful? (Looks in mirror). As I was saying ... thank you Jackie for nominating my Blog as being beautiful. I'm really flattered and grateful for your kindness.

    Now then ... 7 things about me:

    1 I am a Christian and very grateful for what God has done for me in my life.

    2 I always eat a well balanced three course meal - chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

    3 I wish whoever out there is praying for snow to stop. Whoever you are, you've had your fun but now the joke is a little overdone. It's freezing around here.

    4 Around here is in the UK; and it's still freezing.

    5 I can't tell the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi; so I like both which I keep in my fridge.

    6 My train was late running today because of "shortage of staff". That's what they said on the loudspeaker. I can't understand why they can't employ taller staff.

    7 I have a very short attention span and sometimes ...

    OK ... now to nominate fifteen Blogs for this award. Of course all the people who follow my Blog do themselves have wonderful Blogs. There's more than 15 of them. So visit my Blog and check them out.

    Alternatively, I nominate Jackie's Blog 15 times.

    God bless you always.

  2. Aw Jackie, thank you so much for the award! You are too kind... adding it to my bling page tonight!

  3. Jackie, thank you so much for nominating me as a beautiful blogger! I have never received a blogging award before, wow..you made my evening.

    I will add this to my blog once I figure out how to do it..I'm not real techy, but I want to learn!

    7 things about me...

    1. I was born and raised in Southern California.
    2. I have been married 35 years.
    3. I have 4 children, all married.
    4. I have four grandkids.
    5. I am a first degree blackbelt in TKD, my husband is a second degree blackbelt.
    6. I love to workout as much as I like to eat.
    7. I love a good conversation and a nice glass of wine.

    Victor would have been one of my suggestions for this beautiful blogger award but you beat me to it. I will put some good thought into this and get started on the rest!

    Again, thank you and God bless you always!

  4. Yay - thanks for the award, I'm going to go post it with my other ones now :)

    Ok, so here's my 7...
    1. I only have 1 ovary and tube
    2. I love love love swimming and anything to do with water
    3. I hate the feel of sand between my toes
    4. I love watching documentaries and learning stuff
    5. I have an incredibly bad short term memory which surprised even the educational psychologist that I had to go see at uni
    6. I hate gardening but love looking at the results
    7. I can change a tyre, headlight bulb and spark plug (etc) on my car - I just choose not to because it's too dirty LOL

    Well...that was fun! Thanks again :)

  5. Oh, Thank you for the instructions and the code! I need all the help I can get ;)

  6. Thank you for the nomination, Jackie! I will reply to it on my blog soon!

  7. Thanks Jackie, very kind, I'll give my children all the credit. As far as seven honest things about me, you might not find my blog so beautiful afterward but here's ten from my Honest Scrap tag - http://sanctuschristopher.blogspot.com/2009/09/bookmark-this-post.html

  8. You said "I can't imagine what would have happened if Mary hadn't turned your life around for you " (or something like that) . That is the Blessed Virgin Mary right?

    ME TOO!! Praise God ! hahaha
    My life was a mess darlin Christopher so you aren't the only one . I have had a chocolate addiction and yes I smoke too .


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