February 2, 2010

Bears It All - Tuesday Treasures

It's Tuesday and time to show your stuff :) Visit Mary at Hope echoes if you would like to join by clicking on the logo above. Here is a short summary of what it's about.
"Start taking pictures of those things that are special to you. Things you would like to show a friend. Things you would like to record for posterity. Things you would like to show me. Because I want to see them and hear your stories"
Bears it all

I found these two bears at Zellers. Why are they on my couch?  I just stuck them there to take a picture.  I haven't found a good spot to put them yet either. They're too big to be anywhere else but on the floor. I've had them for a few months, and they have been hiding behind my lazy-boy recliner. I thought they were a cute pair. We have a wrinkle dog in our bathroom, of all places. It was small enough to fit near the garbage can beside the toilet. I hid him there because it has a broken foot, poor little thing.You can't tell he's got a broken leg/foot looking this way 

but when you turn him around facing away you can



  1. I love your treasures. Thanks for sharing them. You are correct that your blog takes a long time to load and my computer is usually fast. It did better with the new background. I wonder if there are really bears out in the country near where you are?

  2. Hi Mary! There are a lot of bears here and cougars and deer and beavers and rabbits lol

    I have been thinking about a blog makeover for awhile, but I didn't want to spend that much on this blog until I was definitely sure where it was going . I still don't know if I like the title but , whatever . I hope by changing the background template it made it somewhat faster to load . Thanks for stoppin by and take care


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