February 23, 2010

cool little emoticons

Aren't they cute? courtesy of gloria.tv . It uses them in for their comments instead of those regular smileys . I wonder who came up with them? just curious cause I don't know jack. I wish blogger had emoticons like this . who wouldn't want these in your post editor?

            smiley-nunapplause  smiley-nunrosary     smiley-nunbrow   smiley-nunrazz    smiley-nunmotz  smiley-nunmagistra      smiley-nungrins      smiley-nunroll    smiley-nuncool     smiley-nunsmoke    smiley-nunny      smiley-monksilas      smiley-monkfaint     smiley-monkwine      smiley-monkuiuiui    smiley-monktock    smiley-monktacet   smiley-monkroll    smiley-monknick     smiley-monksean      smiley-monkschreib    smiley-monksmoke    smiley-monksmile smiley-swiss    smiley-camillo       smiley-pope

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