February 23, 2010

polluted world gone insane

N nevermind water, air, food and noise pollution but what about pollution of the mind?

The things that can pollute the mind are Books, Magazines, TV, Internet, etc.. Hello!?

If you homeschool children, parents especially need to protect your kids from these harmful pollutants and try to limit the time your kids spend watching tv.

I used to watch Disney movies with my 4-year-old. I would let him choose what movie he wanted to watch. This, of course, was my first mistake. I am glad he always chose the same one, lol It was either 'The rescuers' or 'Aristocats.' I don't know how many times we watched those movies.

Cute film, but, as you are well aware there is always that element of evil with the evil vs. good guy scenario. Beauty and the Beast were ....well..... odd. Tea cup? Cute but whatever. I still enjoyed it as I do with all the Disney animated movies.

Anyway, my second mistake was buying a Nintendo 64 for a 4-year-old!!? This was back in the 90's. Well, I could play Didi Kong racing with him all day long, and it kept him occupied. Yes, I was a single parent. He would sit them and bounce up and down on the comfy chair so hard that he would pee his pants and not go to the bathroom when he needed to. NO! He wasn't potty trained either! I had a hard time potty training my Paul, but that is another story.

After a few days of that and he would wake up at night screaming cause he had had a nightmare :/

Anyway TV, the Internet, movies, magazines, and books, expose children and parents to nakedness and highly provocative dress (I'm not talking about Disney movies ), to the point that we become USED TO IT and it doesn't shock us because we are forced to accept it. It is a Sin that is glorified daily.

Our lady in numerous messages, says to Turn our TV's off or at least limit the time we watch it. I agree. There is nothing good on TV except maybe the friends of seven sometimes and some learning channel or history channel. The rest is garbage. I can't stand commercials anymore.

5 ways tv is slowly killing us.
too much boob tube makes you weaker, research shows

If you want to be mentally and spiritually strong and healthy turn it off and/or at least try to minimize the time you spend watching it.
It is your best interest .
However, it's your choice.

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  1. Great Post. In truth I have sports in the backgroung running and just making noise but for the most part I ignore the "boob tube". Only programs I will watch are generally on EWTN or Salt & Light. Only quality TV is there.
    It is sad how people are addicted to their show and time slots etc! I have enough "addictions" to try to get over in daily life to be a better person never mind worrying about what time a TV show is on.

    God Bless!


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