February 18, 2010

Jim Caviezel visits Medugorje

He has been there before. I remember reading somewhere, when he was filming The count of Monte Cristo , at that time, his wife was in Medugorje and she told him about it . Did you ever see that movie? I think it's one of my favourites. Did you notice the picture of Our Lady on the bedroom wall in that scene when he was in his mansion after he had made himself the count of monte cristo and he was reunited with his wife finally? I think it was when they made love etc. Anyway here he is in Medugorje with his wife Kerri.

It was reported on Medugorje.net that he was visiting Medugorje again. Jim Caviezel played Jesus in the Mel Gibsons movie 'Passion of the Christ' . I think it is one of those movies that we should watch every Easter . I don't know how many times I can watch the 10 commandments but I have both movies .


  1. Jim Caviezel is one of my favorite actors! Thanks for sharing this!It is great to think of him there standing in front of St. James Parish.
    Makes me wish I was there again......

  2. Someday I shall visit Medugorje myself. Love Caviezel and his wife is quite lovely herself (inside and out).

  3. Wow Daily Grace you've been there? Lucky :) I too would like to go there . Maybe we should all post a donation button on our blog and raise money so that us 3 can go there . what do you think? If anyone else wants to come they can too but I really don't know how esle I'm ever going to afford it .

  4. Yes, the picture that comes up in my profile was taken from there. I was standing on the apparition hill site that over looks the village when I took it. Once you go there you always want to go back, many people have said that too!

  5. I left you a comment on your blog, did you see it? Well? what do you think?

    I need to raise money to be able to afford it and wouldn't want to go by myself , and it would be so nice to meet you two ! I don't know how much it would cost, do you? Anyway I was thinking , there's this website that allows you to post a widget where you can raise money for whatever you need it for . If we were to all put this on our site then we could all go together . check it out . You can see it in action at Odd Todd's blog lol

  6. Jim is truly an amazing person - I have met him 4 times, in person, and he is a most beautiful man with the most caring and giving heart. That is great that he is visiting Medugorje once again.

  7. Jackie, Thank you for your thoughtful invitation. I can't make it this year, but, if you and your sister go I would love to give you information as to the best group to go with. Here is a link (hope it comes across) Fr. Pat is fabulous and this group goes with him every other year. Fr. has the gift of physical and spiritual healing and I would like to tell you I know him personally (which I do) but I know he tends to forget names and only remembers faces ;). Anyway, when I went with my daughter a few years back, we only did the portion of the trip that took us to Medj. so I know you don't have to do all the extra travel since money is so tight for everyone these days. I'm writing to much....sorry about that...here is the link. Please consider it; you will not be sorry! You will always consider it your home and long to go back!


  8. Daily Grace , I am talking about Polly aka 5th sister ! not MY SISTER! lol

    Ah well I am sorry to hear you can't make it this year . Who knows it may take me a year just to raise money for it , but I was thinking, maybe of raising enough money for the 3 of us or whoever wants to go , like as a group fundraiser .

    Thanks for the link . I want to know how many canadian dollars it would cost from Calgary .

    From New York and L.A it will cost $2,299 - $2,625 US wow that is a lot and that doesn't include lunch and insurance and personal items .


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