February 27, 2010

still can't resist temptation

After ten days on the master cleanse, you'd think I wouldn't want to put food that I know is bad in my mouth. No, I had planned on transitioning slowly off my cleanse to smoothies for three days, but last night my boyfriend came home, and he was a hungry poor thing. I, of course, was waiting to go shopping for some green leafy vegetables and fruit and stuff. My AISH cheque didn't come in (I'm still waiting for it, grrr.) Now, I have to wait until he comes home from work to go grocery shopping.

Anyway, the thing I'm mad about is that Phil ordered take out last night. Guess what it was? PIZZA!!! Don't put that stuff in front of me cause, you guessed it ... I ate it. Not just one piece but 5!

Today all's I had was a big tall glass of the lemon drink used for the master cleanse. "that's it!". I hope I can still carry on with the 3-Day Smoothie challenge ... No, I haven't started yet !!!

Why do things always end up messy and not smoothly? (pun intended)


  1. You are so funny! All I can say is you did so much better than I would have done! Good for you!

  2. Bummer, Jackie
    It's so hard to eat healthy when significant others could care less.

    You know it's worth it. Give yourself credit for trying and for gaining the knowledge of good nutrition. I agree with Daily Grace "Good for you"!

    Keep trying and victory will be yours

  3. Ha ha! I think we are all having trouble with a lot of things through Lent. Okay I know I am! Take Care!!


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