February 16, 2010

Burnt palm leaves from last Easter

I plan on starting the master cleanse tonite. Before I go to bed , I will drink a cup of Herbal Laxative tea and tomorrow upon waking I will do the Sea Salt flush - internal bath. But I am going to try to not smoke for that day and hopefully I won't get any headaches. Maybe I will be able to even quit!  I wonder if God will accept these intentions and bless my fasting...

Father, you know we are weak and sinful , please help us in our intentions and strengthen us to be able to keep the fast and may the peace and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ lead us and be with us . Amen

I saw this video on Mary's Anawim website and I liked the song.

There’s A Little Black Spot On Your Head Today.
It's to the tune of The Police - King of Pain. Enjoy!

Please pray for me and I will pray for you - Jackie

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