February 17, 2010

What is Eco-Spirituality? Is it polluting our religion?

This week I would like to point out a few things and share with you a video . If you would like to participate click on the logo above and you will be directed to Dawn Farias' blog . Thank you .

The topic is about Eco-spirituality. Is it polluting our Religion? or as Michael voris says compromising our faith? What is it? skip to the video for clarification

Take a look at this lenten Carbon Fast Calendar <--- it sounds pretty cool . It tells us things like :
"Remove one light bulb from your home and live without its light for the next 40 days.

This will decrease your energy use, and act as a reminder of your Lenten Carbon Fast."
I don't know who green souls are but for example for March 28 it says:
"Think today about the role of our church in its local environment. Could our community better care for Creation? Get involved with our green work, and get inspired by other “green souls” through Interfaith Power & Light (gwIPL.org)."

Michael voris thinks the USCCB is combining spiritual with the profane. Now, I'm not particularly interested in the United States conference of Catholic Bishops but it isn't a secret that "diabolical disorientation"  has been going on for years on the inside, and if it's true , they need to repent . We need to pray for these bishops . I normally don't like to get involved in politics cause for one I don't understand it ,2 it seems foolish to me and 3 I don't like it . However, if you don't like what is going on with Our Church and would like to vote for a reform you can sign a petition or find it on my sidebar .

So, we have the USCCB, a lenten Carbon Fast and a petition . I haven't heard anything more about this except on realcatholictv.com and all's I hear is that the American Church has set out on a course of accomodation , accomodating societies values and not being catholic enough so the Church of America looks very protestant in many ways.

So that's the politically correct way of saying certain groups have fallen from Grace and are corrupt!!? I would rather hear the truth in the bible and the many prophetic messages we have been given for our times.  Sadly there are those shepherds inside the church who are lost .

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