February 28, 2010

Cheers to the color 'green'

Jackies Green Smoothie

 I had to bring up my dusty , old, osterizer blender . See my kitchen :D  Anyway , we went to safeway and bought :  collard greens, parsley, kale, spinach , romaine lettuce , fresh mint, dates, walnuts, olive oil, stevia, almond butter , toilet paper (24 rolls) . Bananas, cantaloupe (I love) , strawberries, frozen bag of blueberries and raspberries, avocados, mandarines, red and green grapes, pears. I think that is about all the fresh fruit and vegetables we got . I was happy about it cause I never buy greens so now , it's something I can buy more of , that I never bought before :)  I also had to buy a couple ice cube trays .
Phils smoothie shown here consisted of : water ,a handful of collard greens, 1 1/2 bananas, 4 strawberries, 2 mandarines
3 ice cubes , sprig of mint
-without the mandarines it wasn't sweet enough for him .

My smoothie consisted of : water, a little more than a handful of collard greens :P 1 1/2 bananas, 1 avocado, 2 ice cubes, sprig of mint-It wasn't yummie but ok . It was much thicker than his was . I also think it could have been more sweeter but I will remember that next time .


  1. what do the collard greens bring to the table? That sounds like a weird ingrediant.

    The mint sounds yummy...i love adding mint to my tea.

  2. so how does it taste...really i gotta know...because i will try anything edible. happy theme thursday and kudos for the unique take on the theme.

  3. This is so awesome Jackie!
    I am guessing since it was not a vita mix you made it in that it was chunky? I want a vita-mix just for that reason. I have it on my wish list for the hubby, maybe he will surprise me for my birthday.
    Thanks for sharing, Robin

  4. Many Asian languages have no word distinguishing blue from green, although more recent dictionaries do make the distinction!

    Who knew?!?

  5. Along with Brian, I'll try anything for eats, at least once, heh...and I miss Safeway...

  6. Gosh, it's such a pretty color, too.

  7. I think I could drink that - and I'm into smoothies these days, mixing in ground flax seed. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. I used to put seaweed in my smoothies and it turned them green but the base ingredients were strawberries, banana, yoghurt and they tasted great but looked terrible.


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