October 13, 2010

The Beast and the Beauty.wmv

Originally this was a slideshow presentation and I was going to post it for Alphabe Thursday letter "B" but I could only post the link , so here it is now on Youtube .

*Use the Pause Button to read the verses between slides*

From Revelations select chapters - Words pinned:"Beast"

First, the Beast has a few descriptions nothing of Human Erudition what is the Beast? Read Genesis 3 this is the True Beast

There are several definitions of 'beast' which God uses meticulously.

Beast and Beasts definitions: those who imitate the Beast.

The Beast is Lucifer, Satan, Serpent, Snake, Dragon. Other names as well. But always a Beast in God's Eyes and Thought. Never a Beauty.

Men too often think in terms of Human sense, and thus mistake the Beast for other things and where he may come from. The Antichrist is the 'false prophet' who becomes possessed by Satan, the True Beast. Satan creates his own children, these become 'beasts.' Read the Gospel carefully, leaving out your own interpretation.

Just let the Word of God reveal and you shall know. But until you unlearn your own ideas, which you have obtained through human erudition and not spiritual infusion, you will conjecture, make many guesses, which you think is correct. But not true. Never finding the truth in Apocalypse. It is hidden. Only those to whom the Word of God reveals to 'know.' The rest earn money.

Peace to Men Only of Good Will.

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