October 7, 2010

C is for Crickets Chirping

updated:You know you're a Crappy blogger when Crickets are Chirping.

Oh Crikey!?

Sorry Mrs Matlock I couldn’t come up with anything else.
The cute little cricket deserves a C+ at least :(


Jenny Matlock


  1. That's a great C- we have to drive all the way to France to hear crickets!

  2. lol well now you don't have to go so far you can find them right here on this blog haha.

  3. I live right in the middle of a city, so I never get hear crickets! It's very refreshing, and makes me think of a relaxed summer evening.

  4. I miss crickets! I used to sit in the driveway at my parents house and listen to them chirping away. They don't seem to be very common here in The Netherlands. Maybe I need to drive to France too hahaha!

  5. what a wonderful c post! God is the great musician! nature's night music! that is the good stuff!....blessings..s..

  6. Yep that would be a cricket. Good thing my chickens are not anywhere near or they would attack my speakers.

  7. Many years ago, we took two of the kids camping and fishing. We bought crickets to use the next day on the lake. The kids had their own tent. A horrible thunderstorm came up and the campsite was flooded, including their tent. We heard them whimpering and went to investigate. The sound of crickets was deafining! My young son had opened the container, and the crickets had gotten out, into the tent, with several inches of water! We rescued the kids, but left the crickets to fend for themselves!

  8. We have a lot of crickets here.

    Which makes me happy. Sort of.

    I am a little creeped out by them but apparently if you have a lot of scorpions around your yard you won't find crickets.

    So of the two, I'll take crickets!

    Thanks for the cute link Jackie!

    I think it made us all smile!



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