October 23, 2010

I Forget

Jenny Matlock
This weeks prompt is in bold, in honor of Halloween :

"This is the scariest story I've ever heard..." There is no excuse for forgetting this meme ! This could be the onset of alzheimers or something. Forgetfulness is evil I say . It is sheer sloth; and laziness on my part.

- how could I forget? I've been up all night tweaking my blog and it just dawned on me at the 'crack o dawn' Is this some kind of sick joke or coincidence? ugh.

I was just about to get ready to go to bed when I thought I would give one more check on any blog updates , and there I saw  .... Saturday Centus.  OMG! How frightening!

So before I forget , I will make my post with newfound courage and enthusiasm and with what little energy and dignity I have, throw myself in the shower .
Away from me evil black spot of sloth!

I write like
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

This Saturday Centus was if you hadn't guessed *rolls eyes* a real but not so great boring story that I just thought to tell and if you would like to find out who you write like check out this analyzer for yourself . I want to post this every Saturday ( if I don't forget) because it makes me feel better and it MAY MAKE ME a better writer cause I know I need all the help I can get . I hope it's alright .


  1. Boy, you're a trooper. I hope Jenny appreciates your dedication to Saturday Centus. Giving up sleep is the greatest sacrifice!


  2. If forgetfulness is evil, I'm downright wicked and getting worse as I get older!

    Well done - very creative story!

    Love the link to analyzing your writing. That was fun, but also interesting that our two totally different styles brought up the same author!

  3. How fun this was. Your Centus about the centus LOL. Very clever take on the prompt.

  4. I had a terrible time coming up with something today! Then, all of a sudden, it came to me.

    You covered yourself exceptionally well!

  5. This prompt certainly wasn't easy for me. I may have the onset of something my self!~Ames

  6. I love your blog tweaks! Very appropriate for the season. And I've had more than one sleepless night fooling with the my blog!

  7. Many weeks I've shared this fear!!

  8. Wow, I would have gone to sleep and pulled a Scarlett - you know, tomorrow is another day and all that. Very clever, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one suffering from short term memory loss :) Kat

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself! We have all week to post, and sometimes I don't submit mine until late in the week. Not real proud of that, but you should take pride in just getting it done. Sounds like you have a very busy schedule.

    Oh, and if forgetfulness is a sin, I'm in BIG trouble.

    Be kind to yourself..........cj

  10. PS: I write like Stephen King and
    Anne Rice! Who knew?

  11. I almost forgot to comment on this delightfully scary centus. Then I remembered.
    Great job.

  12. youre to funny! Saturday centus can get ya cant it!

  13. There are lots of things in our 'offline-lives' that can make it difficult to sit at a computer and make up a 100-word-story at the drop of a hat.
    In my case, My computer refused to work and I had to sit at the public library to check my e-mails and pay my bills.
    I think it is admirable of you to try to keep posting even if you are not at your best, whether it is lack of sleep or time or ideas.
    Good for you for trying!

    I posted a very empty F-post and got 14 sympathic comments! It warms the heart. After I am finished with these SC-comments, I am going to finish my F-post.
    So much because of computer-failure.

    So keep with it.

    Best wishes,
    Anna's & Sara's SC-post Week 25

  14. LOL! I feel your pain. I'm guilty of posting late all the time! And obviously commenting late too! Nicely done!

  15. Wow, I waited until Halloween to read these and this was a totally clever use of the prompt!

    I really, really like what you did here!

    Thanks for sharing the TREAT of your writing with us on SC!


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