October 11, 2010

Rules of Engagement for Catholics on the Internet

Our real world virtues and vices don’t disappear when we get online and anonymity has its own set of temptations. E-behavior can advance the common good… or just be common. Here are some pointers for every Catholic to consider.

Eric Sammons blog is here

Yes I have to agree with point no.2 when it comes to myspace religion forum. My blood pressure would rise and I hated everyone and everything . I no longer post there.

2) Your salvation is more important than your involvement on the Internet.
If frequenting a blog or forum disturbs your peace and makes you anxious, uncharitable and/or unkind to those around you, you should simply stop going to that blog or forum. I have had to abandon certain forums and blogs because I found myself too upset with those I encountered there. It is better to simply walk away.

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