October 31, 2010

Use these to ward off witches on Hallows eve.

Do I love these little red berries, who knew?

The seeds and their use have their origin 'way back when holly and evergreens bearing red berries were used to remind the Christians of the blood of Christ and the burning love of Mary for her Child.

On all hallows eve an old witch, riding a broomstick would flee in fright from the groups of guests, terrified at the sight of the berries. Barred from the house by these berries (some of which are combined with autumn leaves and fastened to the front door in a swag), she has to be content to hoot and screech, pop out from behind trees; and when the time comes, bade by what she knows is the truth, she gives directions for begging at the door.

"I am forced to tell ye this, miserable dearies, whether I would or not; so mark it well. If ye pray for the dead, they are released sooner from their torment of waiting in Purgatory and sped on the wings of light to their eternal reward. So go and knock and the woman will open to your knock, and sing as loud as ye can: 'A soul cake, a soul cake, a prayer for a soul cake!' She will bear on her arm a basket of cakes and tell ye for whom ye are to pray. And may ye all choke on every crumb and find praying and eating at one and the same time as miserable as the torment I endure forever riding hungry on my broomstick!"


You may be wondering if witches even exist let alone ride on broomsticks. The first king of Israel, Saul, sought the advice of the witch of Endor. Witches or Wizards were thought to possess esoteric knowledge and powers over the world. People believed they could fly, or change into an animal (animism was common among rural, backward people). The witch’s broomstick was interpreted to be a male object of life-giving power. Witches were thought to fly above the crops with a broomstick between their legs to “teach” the plants how to grow.

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  1. A soul cake, a soul cake! I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing. Entertaining post.


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