October 2, 2010

The Witches Field

The Witch Farms spooktacular harvest of pumpkins was a once in a blue moon event, and was open to the public and Mitch dreamed of the most incredible pumpkin he could find, to celebrate halloween this year .

Legend was , this harvest belonged to a generous witch who shared her seeds in the springtime.

If someone else toiled in it, the crops would die and she would send beetles to plague them.

..... who wants my pumpkin pretties? It was not your normal , edible pumpkin he was after anyway, *gulp* he just wanted to decorate his house to scare the little goblins and ghouls with.
The End

Jenny Matlock
This is linked to Saturday Centus- a 100 word writing meme based on a prompt , this weeks prompt was the field of pumpkins pictured here .


  1. Jackie, this great! I really like the beetle curse. Fine writing indeed...Peace and blessings

  2. I really your story!

    Nice writing.

    Susannah :-)

  3. Very creative! a witch a curse a man all from a picture of pumpkins. Nice.

  4. Oh Jackie,
    This is such a nice Halloween story. I agree with Jeff about the beetle curse.
    Why do some gardeners succeed better with their plants that others? Is it just the right balance of light, water, the right temperature and soil conditions? Or is their a pumpkin witch who controls your pumpkin patch?
    Well done.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC Special Challenge Week 22

  5. Yikes! The curse of the beetles!

    That is going to be some jack-o-lantern...from the pumpkin witch, herself.


  6. Thanks guys !
    Susannah; did you..
    A. like my story
    B. enjoy my story or
    C. both lol

    Anna lol I think there are such things as toil and trouble lol

  7. What a great story just in time for Halloween. I love stories about witches. Good job.

  8. I loved it! and to answer for Susannah ... I would say it was C. I'll tell her to check her comments before clicking publish! LOL
    and thanks everso for your comment Jackie :o)

  9. Beetle curses! Now that's the halloween spirit!

  10. Nice story! It fits nicely with the picture!

  11. Oooo! Ghouls and goblins eh! Great post!

  12. This was the perfect Halloween piece, and a very fun read. I'm glad it's daylight, as I read this. Otherwise, I'd be a bit spooked.

  13. Tell that at night and you'll probably have a hard time getting a small child to go to a pumpkin patch ever again! LOL> Very good!~Ames

  14. Nicely written pumpkin tale!


  15. Great story Jackie! What an original and creative take on the prompt! Loved this!

  16. i really liked the legend story and the consequences. cool!

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries

  17. I love the idea of a good witch, though, in general, witches give me the creeps. This story is well written and just the ticket for this prompt.


  18. What a fun story, just in time for Halloween. Great use of the prompt, and I loved the beetle curse too! Kat

  19. Jackie, you surprise me this week!

    This was such a different use of the prompt and I was enchanted with the whole 'beetle curse' visual.

    I really, really liked what you did here.

    Was this a quick inspiration or did it take a little bit to flow? It seemed like it might have just poured out in a complete little perfect gem of a story.

    Thank you for linking.


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