October 29, 2010


I've been waiting patiently to see this movie. After reading about it online I just had to get it . I was pretty sure Phil hadn't seen it yet .

We planned to watch it last week after we spent Sunday looking for the DVD.  We checked one retail movie outlet , to which the lady at the desk had to phone other outlets just to see if they had it, none of them did. bummer.  I hoped I didn't have to order it online because I knew it wouldn't get here in time for halloween and well that would just defeat the purpose for me. This is a halloween movie !! Oh the horror!

After walking through the mall , our feet were getting kinda sore and we were tired but I was determined to check out some other places because DAMMIT that is what we came to do ! So the bus took a little longer than we expected but just as soon as we got to our destination , there was a blockbusters and it never even dawned on me to check there. Blockbusters will soon be going out of business and you know something? I think it is still the best place to buy movies cause they have ALL the good movies and lo and behold... WE FOUND it ! Oh I was so happy !

Trick'r Treat the DVD was released Oct 6th 2009.

I feel like I've changed a bit when it comes to horror movies. I used to hate them with a passion, probably because I don't like being scared and certainly don't like the emotion and because fear is not from God, but the devil, so I never liked Halloween the movie; or the day itself .

Anyway, this is what the reviews say about it :
Always hand out treats on Halloween… or else.

Trick 'r Treat is a collection of creepy stories that mixes fun with fear, candy with poison, and laughter with screams.

In the tradition of Creepshow and Tales From the Crypt comes four interwoven tales set on Halloween night: a high-school principal who moonlights as a vicious serial killer, a young virgin whose quest for that special someone takes a gruesome turn, a group of teens who carry out a cruel prank with disastrous consequences, and a cantankerous old man who battles a mischievous trick-or-treating demon.
Every night this week has been foiled for one reason or another from watching this movie. It just hasn't happened yet lol . I could watch it anytime during the day but I want to watch it with Phil because I don't want to get scared , ha! it's a good excuse for waiting for halloween I guess . We may watch it tomorrow or we may wait for Sunday night but the things I've heard about it so far , are really good . Everyone seems to like it even more than Halloween


Watch out for the next Trick'r Treat cult when more people will be donning their Samhains and SamIam's and Samcakes, Sam halloween costumes and even Sam Pumpkins.

Sam I am
Sweet or Evil?
art by Michael Jacobs
Sam Kindergarten costume

These pictures are actually winners in a Trick'r Treat contest starting with the Samhain Portrait , except the pumpkin . You can download the stencil here .

I am crazy for Trick'rTreat and I haven't even seen it!...  

Treats art by Brad Green

...Yet but soon I will. 
Devil in a Onesie art by Eric Panico

Always hand out treats on Halloween… or else.

The Little Cut-Up art by Eric Hylin
Revenge is Sweets

UPDATE: Well we watched Trick'r Treat last night and we didn't think it was as good as the reviews said it was . I hate that when that happens . It's all gossip. I know it's disappointing. We were disappointed. It is a cute movie but cute isn't scary or horror. There really wasn't anything scary about it .

On another note we ordered take out and the driver couldn't find our house cause IT WAS TOO HARD TO FIND! :/ honestly, if he doesn't know the city well enough he should probably look at a map. The lady was trying to tell us that we live in the S.E not the S.W grrr. I know where I live !~!

...When it did finally arrive the food was still hot but I might have missed some of the show trying to give directions to my address but oh well . I will probably watch it again anyway .

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  1. Wow..lots of great photos, paintings, and cut-outs..I'm getting excited for trick or treat!


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