October 31, 2010

Jackie Can Cooks OMG!

I am making something for Halloween tonite.
(click for recipe)

I had to buy those pots they call ramekins , just for the two of us . I always seem to screw it up though. This time I didn't have Sherry like the recipe asked (I've never cooked with it before) so I used the wine I had in the fridge . It's a little more purply than normal, lol but, oh well . I didn't have any black olives for the eyes and green olives just doesn't make it  look very good . I also thought I had some frozen peas like the recipe asks but I didn't ; the parsley kind of makes it look like peas though lol . I tasted it and it's still good.

I hope Phil is surprised when he gets home . He works on Sunday (wah) but gets off earlier around 4:30 pm.

There isn't enough room in my oven for two plates so I have to wait until one is finished cooking to take a snapshot of it . I never claimed to be a Susie Homemaker lol and I only put 4 tentacles on each one although I used a whole package of puff pastry . I'm hoping they will puff up. Does that look cooked to you? I might have to stick it back in the oven for a little while longer . Ugh it's making a mess and it's a far cry from Megans at NotMartha.org.

This is the other one .

See hers is more brown and un-... well... NOT messy lol wtf is wrong with my tentacles ? haha I couldn't separate the dough and I couldn't find the usual puff pastry that I get so maybe I should try the Pillsbury Crescent Seamless Dough Sheets next time idk.


  1. Wow, that looks very creative, lol !

  2. It looks so cute! I love this idea.

  3. Looks like something out of the movie Alien, but I'm sure it tasted good.


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