October 7, 2010


"Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische"

The best way to overcome your fear of the Bible is by reading it! Seriously, by becoming familiar with it you will probably discover how much you were thirsting for it! and that's a good thing. So to 'draw from the wellspring of eternal life' is 'God's language', for receiving the Holy Spirit, who is the water/power/source/creator of Life. In the spiritual realm , it is the Truth .

So how can you tell if you are suffering from Bibliaphobia? Take the test Here . It's on page 6 ; to which my answers are given as example :

_2_ You have trouble locating even famous Bible stories and characters.
_1_ You shy away from discussions about the Bible.
_2_ You feel intimidated by those who you feel have more Bible knowledge.
_0_ You have difficulty answering questions that children ask you about the Bible.
_0_ You rarely attempt reading the Bible on your own.
_0_ You feel inadequate when you consider attending Bible study.
_0_ Locating a passage identified by book, chapter, and verse seems as difficult as solving an algebra problem.
_2_ After reading a Bible passage, you often feel you have no idea what it meant.
_0_ You find many Bible stories confusing.
_0_ Your Bible is still in store-bought "mint" condition (give yourself an extra point if it is still encased in the store's shrink-wrap)<---Lol my bible is falling apart .
_7_ Write your total here.

Now, match your score to one of these categories:
1-10 = Mild (The Bible presents some challenges to you.)<--- my score

Take the B.A.T  "Bible Awareness Test!"
... to see just how familiar (or unfamiliar) you are with the Bible and its contents.
Can you find where in the bible these stories or passages are?
Give yourself one point for each story or passage you could find in two minutes or fewer .

__ David and Goliath
__ Noah's ark
__ Jonah and the large fish
__ Moses crossing the Red Sea
__ Daniel in the lion's den
__ Zacchaeus the tax collector
__ Jesus walking on the water
__ Pentecost
__ Hg2:1-3
__ The second book of Chronicles, chapter 29, verses 9-15

Now, match the number of stories or passages you found to one of the categories below to determine your Bible Quotient .
10= High <--- :p

If you scored an average or lower you need to read God's Library, where I got the test from .

Now take the test and tell me how batshit crazy you are  how many of you are Bibliaphobic and need immediate Bible Therapy ! :D ..because I worry about the faith of our country.

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  1. I used to do "Scripture Chases" when I was a kid. I was one of the best. You name it, I would find it. Now...I have to think for a minute, refer to the lovely tabs that indicate each book: Matt/Mark/Luke...etc.

    As for my bible fear...I scored a moderate. Mostly because I am rusty. Great post.


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