October 30, 2010

Short People

"Abraham Lincoln was a lot shorter than I thought he would be..."

Et Tu Brute? Some people think he's a monster, others idolize him I bet we think the devil is a monster too but in reality he is just a chihuahua. It's all an illusion and it doesn't surprise me.........c'mon allow me to remind you : The LORD exhalts the humble .

Lol This has been an edition of Saturday Centus . I hope you don't mind the bible quote .It just seemed to fit the Centus. I hear many of you complaining about the 50 words this week pffft . Some of you could have written one sentence and it still would have been a lot better than mine I'm sure . I'm so jealous :D

Anyway if only I could write like James Joyce or Margaret Atwood or Agatha Christie just one sentence ....... ahhhh forget it . I think I prefer them as short people too :p

Jenny Matlock


  1. Since I chose to quote Matthew in my Thursday post, I don't object to your quoting the Bible here.

  2. The devil is a chihuahua? I KNEW IT!!!

    Oh, and the bible verse was perfect. This post was perfectly penned. Never apologize for quoting the Bible.

  3. inspirational.
    Happy Halloween.
    lovely template.

  4. Now this was clever! Yep, I'm one of those fifty word complainers. I think Jenny did it so I would shut up about how hard it is to keep a story to 100 words LOL. Kat

  5. Jackie, I left you a comment on in response to your comment on my post

  6. Interesting. It's all based on perception - or as you say it's an illusion.

    Who sees thru it all? Great quote.

  7. I liked it. It was a very different way to go.

  8. I loved ... The devil is a chihuahua? :o)

  9. Interesting use of the prompt.

  10. Yappy. Chihuahua. Devil.


    I shall avoid any defamation to a small animal at this time and simply say...

    clever writing.

    I really liked what you did here. And bringing in the bible verse fit perfectly.

    Thanks for linking.

  11. You used a Biblical quote perfectly. I really like this. Being short, I wholeheartedly agree.

  12. "The devil is a chihuahua" - I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!!!

  13. nice work, oddly well done. Creative and clever!

  14. Thanks for this clever and insightful post. We're always looking for monsters, aren't we? You biblical reference is spot-on and one of my favorites.

    Good take..........cj

  15. Definitely an original! NIce job, too.


  16. Wait, my dogs are part Chihuahua. Does that mean that they are....

    Well, that would explain the stain on the hall carpet.

    LOL! Great Centus this week!

  17. Dear Jackie,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my SC-post.
    The Bible is a great source, perhaps the very best. No problems with that. Interesting snippet of a conversation for this very difficult challenge.
    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's SC-Shake-up-post Week 26


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