October 14, 2010

The Vatican Bank Rags

I found this article interesting enough that I'd like to share it with my added emphasis in bold


hy does the Vatican have their own Bank?

Who controls the Money? Resources?

Aren't they sharing with the faithful?
Do the Faithful have accounts worldwide?
Does this seem Odd?
Absolutely it does and it's not what Jesus says. "What is straw?"

The Church is supposed to share in everything. Love one another as I have loved you. Jesus loved us so much that He gave Himself, and from His Bounty gave us the Church to live together in love. Share.

I find this century and a few of the past ones, completely as Jesus says: The Priests will become proud straw stacks and thinking themselves to be above everyone else and not a servant serving the people of God, make themselves Governors over the Church , like administrators.

Jesus doesn't want administrators in His Church
"tell My people that I do not want administrators in My House, they will not be justified in My Day; because it is these very ones who have industrialised My House;"
and again
You have industrialized My House, this House which should have been a House of prayer! (February 7 1991)

The Lord is deeply concerned about those 'who seek chairs and authority, rather than the salvation of souls' and all 'traders' (cf. Mt 21: 12-13, and parallels).

Indeed Christ did not instruct them to be 'overlords.'. But servants. Christ is God, He is different because we are to worship Him. Priests are called to serve the people of God, to be lower than the laymen. A servant serves, humbly. Humility means to lower yourself, making yourself lower than the lowest. If a man is blind and needs help, a priest is the one to set the example. Help the blind man give him what Christ prescribes. This is not happening, instead, the priests borrow from the world leaders imitating world leaders. They want the laymen to serve them. This blows apart the example Christ set.

Christ said, If I Your Lord and Master have worked, a disciple is also to work and is not above His Master, but should be every bit like His Master. Work. Go out in the fields and turn some soil, plant some corn, dig a few holes, cut some grass, help an old lady, etc.., etc., This is Christ's method, not the worlds.

They should be as the ones spoken in Isaiah, "how beautiful are the feet of them that brings Good News"

They are to bring Good News. Not bad ones.

No wonder, the Lord and the Blessed Mother are calling Laymen unknowns nobodies to rise up and become true Disciples and Apostles in their place. Apparition after apparition, prophecy after prophecy urging beckoning souls to rise up. But, as Jesus says in the Notebook chapter just posted, men follow tyrants more and more as they instill more of their overbearing ways.

Take notice people, we have brand New Pharisees that have 'evolved' they have studied their predecessors well and have learned new ways to make use of Religion as a cover for their selfish ambition.

Not all are this way, at least 1/3 of them are or more, it maybe that 2/3's are this way at present, but when the time comes there will be 1/3 taken away by Satan as spoken by Jesus in the Vision to St. John. The Apocalypse.

Thank You Lord for all the Graces you have given us.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

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