November 10, 2010

Alphabe Thursday "H"

I love the letter H it's so ... breathtaking . Last time I used a lot of H words and one of them was Haiku. They are really neat and simple really.

Here is my Haiku: (untitled but it's about butts)

Hustle your bustle
helped improve your muscle
Healthy circumstance

Ok now let's talk about Food :D
H is for Hot dog

by Jerrod Maruyama

A couple days ago we made hot dogs but we wrapped them with pillsbury crescent dough sheets . I know you can buy wiener wraps but whatever. This is how I made my hot dogs .

It was because I had seen these Mummy Dogs and I wanted to make them but because we were really hungry and in a hurry I didn't want to take too much time creating them so anyway, they turned out awesome and delicious.

I actually preferred them the next day heated in the microwave for 25 seconds. I don't think I will ever bother to buy hot dog buns again but instead bake them myself in a 400 degree oven . served hot and fresh . Yummy in my tummy .

Jenny Matlock


  1. I saw a picture of those Mummy Dogs too and was tempted to make some. I like the hot dogs with the crescent rolls wrapped around them too. I've been making them since my kids were little...many, many years.

  2. Betty: I guess I was hungry for something homemade but they are good aren't they? What's for dinner at your house tonite?

  3. Great haiku! I love that idea for hot dogs. Nicely done.


  4. I just barely tried the "Mummy Dogs" for Halloween this year, and my kids loved them. Actually a hot dog is sounding good right now...weird. Anyway, loved your post. Just stopping by from Jennys.

  5. Reading this post makes me hungry for hot dogs. REAL AMERICAN HOT DOGS!!! The stuff that they call "hot dogs" in Japan are nothing like the ones you find in the US. They're definitely not as good tasting. Oh how I miss having a good hot dog!

  6. I am always telling my son to "put a hustle your bustle".

  7. I saw the mummy dogs, too. Makes me hungry just thinking about them.


  8. Remember having those growing up...think we called them "pigs in a blanket"...GooD Times!

  9. Hi! Love your new header! It is lovely.

    And I really enjoyed this fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday!

    You have such a clever way of looking at things. And that used to be my favorite way to heat hotdogs, too. You can even split the dog and put some cheese in them...yum!

    Thanks for a delicious link and the cute haiku!


  10. Like your haiku! I used to make those hotdogs for my kids. Yummy!


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