November 20, 2010

Waking Up To Reality

He dreamt of winning the super lotto 50 million. After all the pain he had been through, the world and the hard labor sucked the life right out of him .

He felt he deserved more than what life had given him. Tom needed a vacation .

Without sounding too excited "Pardon me," said Tom T. Urkee..." "...can you tell me what this number is?"

The lady behind the till obliged "Would you like to verify your ticket? "

He had to make sure that it wasn't a mistake because he couldn't believe his numbers matched . The lady looked at him amazed his numbers were the same . 03, 07, 11, 15, 27,43.

Then the sound of his alarm clock went off

Jenny Matlock


  1. Ah! The dream of everyone who springs for a ticket!!

  2. What a rude awakening THAT would be, eh?


  3. Poor guy! I hope he hit snooze and enjoyed at least a few more minutes of joy! Kat

  4. Sure would be a dream come true if it were real! Nice twist.

  5. Interesting blog & another Jackie! I will link to you..

  6. Darn! Too good to be true. Poor Tom! Great take on the prompt!~Ames

  7. Well, can't blame a guy for dreaming! :)

  8. I hate it when that happens. Great centus. xo

  9. Our dreams keep us hoping! Well done..........cj

  10. Aww! It shouldn't happen to a Tom. Nicely done.

  11. Dang dream!! Those are the worst...when they seem so real and lovely. Then we wake up. Poor Tom!

  12. Oh, poor Tom. Sounds like he had a nightmare. I liked the way you went with this prompt. Great job.

  13. Not fair! That would be my luck though. :(

    I just posted my story. Please come by and check it out.


  14. ah to be in his position I would dream :) His alarm clock going off added mystery to the story too. Nice!

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries

  15. What a great twist. I didn't see that coming at all...although I should have. I've had that exact same dream a time or two myself! ha!

    Thanks for linking. This was a fun read!

  16. Poor Tom.
    But what a great SC-text!
    Wonderful twist at the end!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC wk 29

  17. The alarm always rings at the wrong time, but does that ever stop us from dreaming!
    Btw, interesting blog title; say Hi to your mother, I'd love to meet her :)

  18. Nimaruichi , My Mother is Mary . Jesus gave His Mother to John , representing all of us , at the foot of the cross . You new that right? She'd love to hear from you :)


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