November 27, 2010

Feelings Are Mutual

Saturday Centus is a weekly writing meme based on a prompt. This week we are to use our horoscope as the prompt and write about the kind of day this horoscope "predicts".

At first I was shocked at the idea when I had read Toms' centus , because you know the Church says any form of divination is to be rejected . However, like a lot of others, I do not take these things seriously but you would not think so because of the seriousness of my post .

....anyway the part in bold is the horoscope .

Someone close needs an answer from you quickly, and you should be able to give them what they need. In fact, your decisiveness is peaking right now, so it may be a good time to make life changes, too.

It's about time! I was determined to find my purpose in life.

He hated us living apart. The feeling of  being alone and distant was mutual. I believe Love is stronger than anything else in the world which is something I felt confident he has for me.

Would I be stupid to let him go? Am I looking at this properly? I needed some guidance.

I had planned to go to confession to get myself back on the right track. So , I tightened up my boot straps, and headed to church .

Jenny Matlock


  1. This just leaves me in suspense, and I want to know the outcome! Great story!


  2. That's an interesting way to respond to that topic and horoscope. (I don't put any stock or time into horoscopes, but they certainly seem to gather a large amount of interest from many people in many lands.)

  3. Very interesting post, Jackie.

  4. Clever link with your opening comments! Well done!

  5. Thank you for visiting Jackie, I am terrible at punctuation, my mind races ahead of me and I just write, and rarely proof read.

    I loved you advent blog today .
    I also enjoyed yourtake
    God bless
    and a peaceful and thoughtful advent

  6. Jackie! Great way to link your faith and our faith's solution to the prompt. Wonderful!

  7. I hope guidance was found. Loved the way you went with Centus. Good job.

  8. You did very well given a topic that doesn't fit your beliefs. You managed to turn it into something that fit them well.

  9. As a kid I took these seriously. Didn't take long to laugh at them. Glad you joined in this unconventional Centus.

  10. This was a interesting way to take the prompt. I don't put any stock in horoscopes either, but they have certainly made for an entertaining Centus this week. Great job! Kat

  11. Great response to the horoscope! I used to drive my mother crazy by saying "not making a decision is a decision". I'm glad your character "pulled her boot straps up" and got busy! I enjoyed...thanks!

  12. How intense. I hope she made the right decision and followed her heart!

  13. Loved your direction on this quirky prompt. I was touched that you took in toward your faith.

    Very well done..........cj

  14. December first 2010
    Dear Jackie,
    This one was a tough one for me.
    I took away my first attempt at this, in case you tried to visit my post and found that it was not accessable. But it's working now. I have finally finished writing a Centus for week 30.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC wk 30

  15. Great job with this, Jackie! A very unique and interesting take on the prompt. Well done!

  16. Such a creative post!

    I am Aries. I wrote ripples depicting that!

  17. I really like what you did with this one.


  18. Hey!!!! Come back here! Don't leave me hanging. It's Sunday and I'm crabby and I can't stand not knowing what happens.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    Thanks for a wonderful, suspenseful gem of a story for SC this week.

    This was a tough prompt but you did amazing things with it!


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