November 3, 2010

Greyhound & Gumdrops

It takes a lot of time to come up with anything original I must admit. Alphabe Thursday is hard, but with a little perseverance, I managed to get it done.
G is for 
 goody goody gum drops
my heart's doing a flip flop, Gee what love can do ...

Our trip to Winnipeg on a Greyhound bus left late at night. I had never been to Winnipeg before. Phil and I were headed to the Greyhound station. It was Dec 27, 2008

After I had told him I didn't love him, or so I thought, among other things what was an exhausting conversation for me, I said it would be best if we lived apart. Lol, What did I know about Love anyway?

Don't ask me why I went all the way to Winnipeg on a one-way Greyhound ticket in the middle of winter! It sounded better than the heartbreak hotel and losing someone who loved me so much! I cared about him as any decent person would, and I couldn't stand the thought of being alone.

It was just after Christmas, and we both sat crying in each other's arms wondering if this was going to be the last time we saw each other. I don't mind seeing a grown man cry, in fact, it's nice for a change. It is one of the things I like about Phil. I am generally an emotional person, and I don't mind it at all.

I wanted everything to be better, wishing we would win the lotto or something geez like the Gay Couple. He phoned his sister, Shelly, who paid for his ticket. He did this in the heat of the moment! Being in crisis situations probably is the most motivating factor ever! I know I've been in many a crisis. Anger can do that at times too. So anyway, as heartbreaking as it was he convinced me to go with him.

Most of his family lives in Winnipeg. It was my first time I had ever met his mom. 3 of his sisters met us at the Greyhound terminal! They were all very accommodating and hospitable to the both of us. It was nice. One of his sisters was taking care of a little boy they call Michael. His mother had disappeared. It was Phil’s niece who would make Phil, 'Michael's' Great Uncle. Anyway, I enjoyed bathing him and feeding him, and we even went to see the Xmas Festival of Lights. If we had planned on staying, I imagine we could have taken care of him too. I felt kind of sad for the little guy.

Anyway, after being in a deep freeze for 2 weeks, I knew I wanted to come home. I remember saying it was the north pole. The cold never led up; it stays cold all winter long, where in Calgary we get those lovely Chinooks. This is what the road basically looked like through the prairie province of Saskatchewan on our way back.

It has been over 3 years, and I still don't know if Phil and I are meant to be together but I know he loves me and I do like Calgary and that is where we are going to stay for now.

Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment.
William Shakespeare

Jenny Matlock


  1. What a sweet story... makes me feel a little chill just looking at the pic of the snow covered road...

  2. This is such a wonderful post and one that tells your story in such a way that I just had to red every little work. Then I went and read the story of your life and it touched me deeply. None of us know what the person across the street or around the corner had lived through in his or her life. Sometimes we become so absorbed in ourselves and the baggage we are carrying that we forget there are others out there in the world who also have stories of love, sadness, pain, and glory to tell. You have a special gift of being able to express yourself in word.

  3. Finding the right one to love is worth the search. Glad you are together.

  4. oh the things we remember -- sad but rather endearing tale and those gum drops reminds me of childhood and sweetness

  5. Making tough decisions when love is at stake isn't easy and often only time will tell. Your Shakespeare quote was timely to this Letter G Post.

  6. ooops lol sorry I took them out . I think it looks better without 'em.

    sorry for all the revisions guys. I do that a lot.

  7. sometimes it takes a long heart to figure out where your heart is .... relationships are not always easy ... and winnapeg ...i have never been and i am pretty sure i couldn't tolerate the cold.

  8. You can have the gumdrops for personal use only. They are from a digital scrapbooking kit I bought last christmas called 'Love to Bake' at
    Here is the direct link if you'd like

  9. Such an interesting, reflective tale.

    And a great 'G' post.


  10. I agree with Jdaniel4's Mom, it's not easy to find, fortunately I was lucky, after 42 years we are still together !

  11. I could feel the endless cold. I'm glad you guys are back in Calgary!

  12. a GREAT read...
    it brought back memories of me & hubby being Greyhound agents from passes to ride anywhere as long as you didn't bump a paying customer...I travelled thru 36 states (alone) on the Greyhound helped to know schedules...never got off in a little town that had only one bus in and one bus out!!! great experience though.

  13. What an honest and interesting post. It sounds like you are right where you should be.


  14. This is an incredibly sad story, Jackie. It sounds as if you love Calgary, but not Phil.

  15. Jackie...I loved this post. I got to know the inner you a bit better and the way you wrote it, one could tell it was from the heart. Very nice.

  16. What a reflective and genuine post.

    It would be so much nicer sometimes if life came with a rule this and you will be that and things will be fine!

    It sounds like you are on a quest for what makes your heart and soul shine...I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

    Thanks for linking this to Alphabe-Thursday this week.

    It was a GGGGGreat post.


  17. I do hope that you find your right path in life. Keep working at it! Stay strong.


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