November 18, 2010

I never thought this would happen

Of all the things that could go wrong when planning a meal this was not what I expected.

After trudging in the snow wintery weather yesterday , buying all of 4 ingredients that I needed for this recipe , I was irrate and disappointed to say the least to find out MY STOVE ISN'T WORKING! We checked the fuses and breakers and nothing.

If you know me , I don't cook everyday but on the occasion when I do want to make something I expect at least to be able to boil a pot of water on the stove for cryin out loud.

It also makes me think of how "tough" times can be . I don't have a wood burning stove either but I also know there isn't any wood close by to chop down lol What can you do?

The repair guy is supposed to be coming today but hasn't shown up yet, and it's 12:44 pm already! I can't cook anything aside from microwaveable crap food or fast food , which I am so sick of .

I want to cook dammit! *sigh


  1. That must be soooooooo frustrating - I wonder how cavemen survived :-)

  2. Oh I am so sorry. do you have a toaster oven or microwave?

  3. Yes I do , thanks . I'll be okay . They are supposed to come and fix it tomorrow. hopefully and I can always go to Phils place


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