November 11, 2010

How Deep is Your Love?

This takes only a minute and I think everyone should answer these 14 questions for themselves . They are questions to ask in determining how much we love God . Taken from the City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda. I have always wanted to read the city of God and knowing God and Loving God is something we must all strive for as a Christian. As you can see I need some improvement.

One Minute Meditation

  1. Do I think about God a lot?
  2. Yes
  3. Am I inclined to do God’s commandments?
  4. Yes
  5. Am I afraid to offend God?
  6. yes
  7. Am I grieved by sin?
  8. I don't think I have realized the gravity of it
  9. Do I rejoice at the good?
  10. certainly!
  11. Do I love to speak of God?
  12. Yes . It's religion that I have a hard time with.
  13. Do I delight in the presence of God?
  14. in adoration .
  15. Does not thinking of God displease me?
  16. yes!
  17. Do I love what God likes and hate what He hates?
  18. I try
  19. Do I strive to bring everyone to God?
  20. I wish everyone knew Him but I don't force
  21. Do I pray with confidence?
  22. at times
  23. Am I grateful to God?
  24. Yes
  25. Do I use God’s gifts to good use?
  26. No
  27. Do I strive to control the passions?
  28. Not hard enough

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  1. Excellent post! The answers for me were the same but then again I think we all would answer the same!
    Certainly this post and the questions in it can only help to strengthen our relationship with God!



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