November 5, 2010

A friendly squirrel

Phil and I went for a picnic to Sikome Lake about 2 years ago and unfortunately the park was closed for renovations but we were still allowed to go in , it's just that it appeared nobody else was around.. besides.....a squirrel.

I packed a picnic basket full of different crackers . The Breton round ones remind me of the body of Christ (I say 'the body of Christ' before putting it in my mouth' *haha). Among other things such as fruit, some cheese and salami.

As soon as we laid our blankets out and started munching , out came a squirrel . It was black and the cutest little thing and friendly!? Boy I had never seen a squirrel so friendly! It came right up to where we were laying non-chalantly and was seemingly unafraid . I suspected it wanted some of our food right away , I mean what else would a squirrel want right? lol :)

That squirrel could pack on the food , no problem . I think it ate more than we did! At first it ate right out of our hands . It even let us feel and touch him/her. We were enjoying ourselves and had no desire to pick em up or disturb him in anyway . It would know if he were in danger. He was our little welcome visitor.

He would chew the crackers and sit up on his hind legs like he was sitting upright , holding the cracker between his paws . His beady eyes would be looking right at us , but he was very cute . I didn't have a camera with me regrettably, otherwise it would have been nice to take some pictures that day.

We thought it was very cool , it was the friendliest squirrel we had ever encountered. In fact it made our whole day .

For the first time a squirrel came so close to even climb over Phil to get to the basket . haha! It stayed on our blanket between the both of us until it had enough to eat ; enough to pack both cheeks full like two giant balloons on the side of his mouth . Incredible!

Like I said, it probably ate more than we did .


  1. I loved reading this and can just see him with his cheeks full like two giant balloons! :o)

  2. Thank you . Those cheek sacks were full I'm tellin ya ..........:)


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