November 15, 2010

Our First Blizzard

Yay! let's go to the dairy queen ....uh I don't mean that kind of blizzard jeesh :p

There is a winter storm warning alert for overnight in Calgary . This means dangerous winter weather conditions. That is what is coming over the mountains tonight into tuesday morning . We are expecting 10 cm of the white stuff upon waking up . I think I hear the howl now .... ok I'll take the weather mans word for it . It's about time actually .

This is more or less what we have coming →

...some of us do find beauty in winter ; after it all gets dumped and done with that is.

Couple of years ago I remember we had a white out early on in November and I took some snapshots from my window living downtown ↓

← This picture is from two years ago. I know it's kinda boring but I anticipate something similar even though the forecast didn't mention a white out just a winter snow storm so you kinda get the picture .

It sure seems that winter likes to come in with a bang, cause after this snow storm blows over I think it will stick around for awhile .

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