November 23, 2010

The media never fails to lambast the church's position

The Pope in the News!

The Pope isn’t saying that the use of condoms is justified but that they can display a particular intent, such as a moral responsible step , and that this intent is a step in the right direction.

Here's a helpful analogy:

If someone was going to rob a bank and was determined to use a gun, it would be better for that person to use a gun that had no bullets in it. It would reduce the likelihood of fatal injuries. But it is not the task of the Church to instruct potential bank robbers how to rob banks more safely and certainly not the task of the Church to support programs of providing potential bank robbers with guns that could not use bullets. Nonetheless, the intent of a bank robber to rob a bank in a way that is safer for the employees and customers of the bank may indicate an element of moral responsibility that could be a step towards eventual understanding of the immorality of bank robbing.

It is clear that the Pope’s remarks must be read carefully and that they do not constitute the kind of license for condom use that the media would wish.


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