November 7, 2010

Random Fonts

For those of you who may be wondering how I changed my title fonts . It wasn't too difficult . Kevin and Amanda have some amazing handwriting fonts and the link shows you how to put them on your blog. The best part is they are FREE!

The font I'm using is called Peabev and I use all of the Fonts for peas in Gimp. That's how I got the same blog title font .

I just thought you might like to use these handwritten fonts for your blog title posts like I do. Many people know this already but then again ....maybe not.

Do you like scrapbooking ? Personally I hate it and it hasn't been fun for me. I get caught up with the details that I lose the flow of just doing it , sorta like blogging lol.

Between scrapbooking and blogging , I think I prefer blogging :) I can do little things with my limited skills at digital scrapbooking but don't ask me how I do it lol

I just stuck the name of my blog up in red white because it was easy to do (sorta) in Gimp . I tried to make a nice header but because my skills are lacking I either have to resort to someone else making one , (for a small fee) or I can install another blog template altogether . UPDATE: I installed 'renewed' lol gotta love these titles.
Anyway this post was quite random .

My blog is quite random ... no seriously it was made by....Quite Random.

The link at the bottom of my blog is was randomness but is Inspiration .

I need to change renew it :d

GASP! Did you see that?  I am so embarrassed and pissed off! Laugh if you like.  I lost everything , now I have to go and do it all over again ..*grumbles. Ok I think everything is fine now phew!

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  1. The title font style is a great idea. I really like it and it makes everything stand out more.

    Funny ending on your 'random' post :)


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