November 5, 2010

Condoms for Trick'r Treaters?

I have heard through the grapevine , actually via Creative Minority Report , that there was a couple who handed out condoms for halloween. They didn't think it was crazy but some parent got offended and said it violated their right to raise their children the way they saw fit. I don't know, I just think there are worse things that could happen and just chalk it up as a trick and not so much a treat . What do you all think about it?

UPDATE: I should probably get all the facts first and upon reading the article link again the condoms most likely were only given to teenagers but we still don't know how many teenagers got the condoms.

Do you think condoms is a good thing to hand out to trick or treaters?
Are you crazy?


  1. have a lovely weekend.
    I did vote for NO.

  2. There are worse things, but if my daughter were little again and came home with one I'd be seriously worried were she got it! so it would definitely be a no ... sweets are much better! :o)

  3. Thanks for your vote. I am glad to know that :)


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