November 26, 2010

Sunday Snippets ~ A Catholic Carnival

UPDATE: This snippet was for last sunday November 21st. Ok now that I got that clear lol

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Sunday Snippets
I forgot about Sunday Snippets that I had participated in a couple times last year . It was a little confusing but I think we are to share our best blog post from that week. So , let me remind you that you can still get those cute advent wreaths here for your blog if you want to express your faith Lol .

I also liked my post about Babylon-"Give her the Boot". It fits with the readings for November 25th anyway .
We read "Babylon the great city shall be cast down." —Revelation 18:21

I posted two links on sunday snippet mr. linky cause I want to get the word out about Catholicism 101 . I just started it last friday and so far it doesn't look like many people are interested . Is it the name? Anyway,  I know I am a little late but I hope to participate this sunday again . Care to reciprocate?

Did you know that St. Frances De Sales was the first to evangelize using tracts?
I never new that about him and I had him on my sidebar for so long too !
Apparently he is also known as the patron saint of writers. I didn't know that either.

St. Francis de Sales was a Catholic bishop and apologist of
the 17th century. He traveled through the heavily Calvanist
Switzerland and was able to bring 40,000 to the Catholic Church
by distributing handouts. He is the first person in history
known to have used religious tracts.

I also found out that St. Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of the Internet . cool .

Holy Mary , and all the saints pray for us .Amen.


  1. Blessings to you for a peaceful lovely weekend!

  2. saw your comment on Fr. Longenecker's blog. from the tail end of his post, with emphasis added:

    "For more information on Todd Unctuous, go HERE."


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