November 10, 2010

Hilarious Printers

Have you ever had a printer like this? click the picture.

well I have sorta and this just made me laugh .

Not to mention the fact that printer ink is so expensive one time my printer wasn't working well. I was trying to print some lovely fonts for my christmas door decorating contest. It sometimes gets jammed.

It wouldn't print but then suddenly, it began to spit out unusual amounts of paper and it wouldn't stop! Instead of getting frustrated or panicky I just laughed my ass off because it was so funny seeing the paper come flying out . I felt better after. I guess you had to be there.

My boyfriend gets a good chuckle when the paper hits me in the head too lol :)

I hope the oatmeal made you chuckle a bit cause it does to me .

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  1. I must have got my printer from the same shop!! :o)


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